Five of Wands


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The Five of Wands reversed represents the end of conflict, struggle, and disagreements. It signifies finding common ground, compromise, and reaching agreements. This card can also indicate feelings of battle fatigue, fear of confrontation, and shyness. It suggests a need to suppress your temper and feeling intimidated in the situation at hand. Alternatively, it can represent extreme aggression, having a short fuse, and looking for an argument.

Seeking Peace and Harmony

You feel a strong desire for peace and harmony in the situation. The conflicts and disagreements have taken a toll on you, and you long for a resolution. You are willing to compromise and find common ground to bring an end to the ongoing struggles. Your focus is on cooperation and reaching agreements, as you believe this will lead to a more harmonious outcome.

Overwhelmed by Battle Fatigue

You are experiencing battle fatigue and exhaustion from the constant conflicts and struggles. The ongoing disagreements have drained your energy and left you feeling worn out. You are afraid of confrontation and prefer to avoid any further conflicts. It is important for you to take a step back and prioritize self-care to regain your strength and resilience.

Suppressing Your Temper

You are consciously suppressing your temper and trying to maintain a calm demeanor in the situation. You are aware of the potential consequences of losing control and are making an effort to keep your emotions in check. However, this suppression may also lead to feelings of frustration and resentment building up within you. It is important to find healthy outlets to express your emotions and address any underlying issues.

Feeling Intimidated

You feel intimidated by the conflicts and disagreements surrounding you. The aggressive energy and confrontational atmosphere make you hesitant to express your opinions or stand up for yourself. This fear of confrontation may stem from a lack of confidence or a desire to avoid further conflict. It is important to recognize your own worth and find ways to assert yourself without escalating the situation.

Seeking an End to Aggression

You are actively seeking an end to the extreme aggression and hostility in the situation. The constant arguments and short fuses have created a toxic environment that you no longer wish to be a part of. You are looking for ways to diffuse the tension and bring about a more peaceful resolution. It may be necessary to distance yourself from the conflict and focus on creating a healthier and more positive environment.