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In a general Tarot spread, the reversed King of Pentacles signifies a loss of control or stability, as well as a lack of success or failure to achieve your goals. It suggests impracticality, poor judgment, and taking ill-advised risks. This card can also represent a person who embodies these negative qualities, such as an older man who is unsuccessful, ungrounded, or corrupt.

Losing Your Grip on Things

The reversed King of Pentacles indicates that you may be losing your grip on various aspects of your life. You might find it challenging to maintain control or see things through to the end. This could lead to a sense of instability and a lack of progress towards your goals. It is essential to reassess your approach and regain control to avoid further setbacks.

Unsuccessful Businessman

When the King of Pentacles appears reversed, it suggests a lack of success in your business endeavors. You may be facing financial difficulties, bankruptcy, or a collapse of your empire. This card warns against making hasty decisions or engaging in risky ventures without proper consideration. It is crucial to reevaluate your strategies and seek advice from others to turn the situation around.

Corrupt and Greedy

In its reversed position, the King of Pentacles represents a person who is corrupt, materialistic, and greedy. This individual may prioritize their own interests above all else, disregarding the well-being of others. They may engage in unethical practices, such as extortion or manipulation, to achieve their goals. Be cautious of such individuals and avoid getting entangled in their schemes.

Unsupportive and Disloyal

The reversed King of Pentacles can symbolize a person who is unsupportive and disloyal. This individual may lack empathy and be cold and uncaring towards those around them. They may discourage your ambitions or undermine your efforts, making it challenging to trust or rely on them. It is important to recognize their true nature and distance yourself from their negative influence.

Poor Judgment and Instability

When the King of Pentacles appears reversed, it suggests poor judgment and instability. You may find yourself making impulsive decisions without considering the consequences. This can lead to further setbacks and hinder your progress. Take the time to reflect on your choices and seek guidance from others who can provide a more balanced perspective.