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The Page of Swords represents delayed news, ideas, planning, and inspiration. It signifies being protective, guarded, and vigilant. This card advises you to be patient, think before you speak, and avoid unnecessary arguments or conflicts. It also encourages fairness, speaking out, and fighting against injustice. The Page of Swords symbolizes mental agility, curiosity, and using your intellect. It can represent being communicative, truthful, and direct, but it can also indicate engaging in petty gossip or being blunt.

##Eager for Information

You feel a strong sense of curiosity and eagerness for information in the situation. You are constantly seeking answers and are excited about the possibility of receiving news or ideas. Your mind is sharp and quick-witted, allowing you to analyze situations and come up with innovative solutions. However, be mindful not to become too impatient or impulsive in your pursuit of knowledge.

##Guarded and Vigilant

You are feeling guarded and vigilant in the current situation. You have a strong desire to protect yourself and those around you from potential harm or deceit. Your intuition is heightened, allowing you to sense any potential threats or dishonesty. While it is important to be cautious, make sure not to let your guard prevent you from fully engaging with others or taking necessary risks.

##Frustrated by Delays

You are feeling frustrated by the delays and lack of progress in the situation. The slow pace of events may be testing your patience and causing you to feel restless. It is important to remember that sometimes delays can be necessary for proper planning and preparation. Use this time to reflect on your goals and strategize for the future, ensuring that you are well-prepared when the time for action arrives.

##Yearning for Justice

You have a strong desire for justice and fairness in the situation. You feel compelled to speak out against any injustices or wrongdoing that you witness. Your sense of right and wrong is guiding your actions, and you are determined to fight for what you believe is right. However, be mindful of how you approach these situations, as your direct and truthful nature may sometimes come across as abrasive or confrontational.

##Intellectual Curiosity

You are experiencing a deep sense of intellectual curiosity in the current situation. You have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to expand your understanding of the world around you. This card encourages you to embrace your inquisitive nature and engage in educational pursuits. Use your mental agility and analytical skills to explore new ideas and concepts, allowing yourself to grow intellectually.