Queen of Swords


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The Queen of Swords represents an older woman who is intelligent, sharp-witted, and honest. She is someone who will protect and support you when you are vulnerable, offering constructive criticism and problem-solving skills. However, she may also carry repressed pain or sadness from past experiences. As a person, she is chatty, quirky, and forthright, with a strong sense of empathy and a sharp tongue when necessary. Overall, the Queen of Swords embodies strength, independence, and wisdom.

## Feeling Empowered

You feel empowered by the presence of the Queen of Swords in your life or situation. Her intelligence and sharp wit inspire you to be more discerning and objective in your approach. You appreciate her candid and truthful nature, as she provides constructive criticism that helps you grow. Her support and protection make you feel safe and confident, knowing that she will defend you when needed. You admire her strength and self-reliance, and her presence brings a sense of empowerment to your feelings.

## Seeking Guidance

You are seeking guidance and support from someone like the Queen of Swords. You feel drawn to her intelligence, wit, and problem-solving abilities. Her open-mindedness and fair nature make her an ideal person to turn to for advice and perspective. You trust her to provide honest and truthful feedback, even if it may be difficult to hear. You believe that her wisdom and experience can help you navigate your current situation and make informed decisions.

## Suppressed Pain

You are experiencing suppressed pain or sadness in relation to the situation at hand. The presence of the Queen of Swords reminds you of past events that have caused you emotional distress. While she may offer protection and support, you also fear that she may uncover your hidden pain. You may be hesitant to open up to her or share your vulnerabilities, as you worry about her sharp tongue and direct approach. It is important to acknowledge and address your suppressed emotions in order to heal and move forward.

## Appreciating Honesty

You appreciate the Queen of Swords' honesty and candid nature. Her ability to provide constructive criticism and objective feedback resonates with you. You value her sharp wit and intelligent insights, as they help you see the situation from a different perspective. Her truthful approach makes you feel seen and understood, even if her words may be sharp at times. You find comfort in her principled and fair nature, knowing that she will always speak her mind and defend what is right.

## Feeling Supported

The presence of the Queen of Swords makes you feel supported and protected. You admire her strength, independence, and self-reliance, and you trust her to have your back. Her quirky and chatty nature brings a sense of lightheartedness to your feelings, making you feel comfortable and at ease. You appreciate her sophisticated and witty personality, as it adds a touch of humor to your interactions. Knowing that she will defend you and stand up for what is right brings a deep sense of support to your emotions.