Seven of Swords


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The Seven of Swords is a card that represents deceit, lies, trickery, and cheating. It signifies a lack of conscience and mental manipulation. This card also suggests dangerous or risky behavior, as well as enemies who pretend to be friends and spies in your midst. It can also symbolize flexibility, adaptability, and resourcefulness, as well as escaping detection and getting away with something.

Feeling Betrayed

You may be feeling betrayed by someone close to you. The Seven of Swords indicates that this person has deceived you, possibly through lies or trickery. Their actions have left you feeling hurt and questioning their true intentions. It is important to trust your instincts and protect yourself from further harm.

Suspicion and Paranoia

The presence of the Seven of Swords suggests that you are feeling suspicious and paranoid about a particular situation or person. You may have a gut feeling that something is not right, and this card confirms your doubts. It is essential to be cautious and observant, as there may be hidden agendas or ulterior motives at play.

Outsmarting the Opposition

You are feeling cunning and strategic in your approach to a challenging situation. The Seven of Swords indicates that you are using your sharp wit and mental manipulation to outsmart your opponents. Your resourcefulness and adaptability are helping you stay one step ahead, allowing you to navigate the circumstances with courage and daring.

Guilty Conscience

You may be experiencing a guilty conscience regarding a recent action or decision. The Seven of Swords suggests that you are aware of the underhanded behavior or deceitful tactics you have employed. This guilt is weighing on you, and you may be questioning the morality of your actions. It is important to reflect on your choices and consider the consequences they may have on others.

Feeling Victimized

The Seven of Swords indicates that you are feeling victimized by someone or a situation. You may believe that others are trying to deceive or cheat you, leaving you vulnerable and on guard. It is crucial to trust your instincts and protect yourself from further harm. Seek support from trusted friends or advisors to help you navigate through this challenging time.