Six of Pentacles


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The Six of Pentacles reversed represents a lack of generosity, abuse of power or position, and gifts with strings attached. It signifies a feeling of inequality, subservience, and being undervalued. This card suggests that the querent or the person they are asking about may be experiencing a sense of greed, meanness, or gullibility in their current situation.

Feeling Exploited

You may be feeling exploited or taken advantage of in your current circumstances. The Six of Pentacles reversed indicates that someone in your life may be showing you generosity, but with ulterior motives or conditions attached. This leaves you feeling used and manipulated, as if your worth is being diminished. It is important to recognize this dynamic and assert your boundaries to protect yourself from further exploitation.

Frustration with Inequality

You are likely feeling frustrated with the inequality and lack of fairness in your situation. The reversed Six of Pentacles suggests that there is a power imbalance at play, where someone in a position of authority or wealth is abusing their power or trying to make you subservient. This leaves you feeling resentful and disempowered. It is important to address this imbalance and seek a more equitable arrangement.

Disillusionment with Charity

You may be feeling disillusioned with acts of charity or community spirit in your current circumstances. The Six of Pentacles reversed indicates that there may be fake charities, scams, or extortion happening around you. This leaves you questioning the authenticity of people's intentions and feeling skeptical about their generosity. It is important to be discerning and cautious when it comes to accepting help or engaging in charitable endeavors.

Financial Insecurity

You are likely feeling a sense of financial insecurity and instability. The reversed Six of Pentacles suggests that you may be facing unemployment, underpayment, or bad debts. This leaves you feeling undervalued and struggling to make ends meet. It is important to reassess your financial decisions and seek opportunities for investment or better employment to improve your situation.

Resentment towards Authority

You may be feeling resentment towards someone with wealth, power, or authority in your life. The Six of Pentacles reversed suggests that either you or someone else is behaving in a subservient or kiss-ass manner, which breeds resentment and a sense of inequality. This leaves you feeling frustrated and disrespected. It is important to assert your own worth and challenge any dynamics that perpetuate this imbalance of power.