Six of Wands


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In a general context, the Six of Wands reversed represents a sense of failure, lack of achievement, and a lack of recognition or support. It signifies a loss of confidence and endurance, as well as a feeling of being hunted or disadvantaged. This card suggests a mob or pack mentality, where you may find yourself being a follower rather than a leader. It warns against arrogance, egotism, and a hunger for fame, as these traits can lead to disappointment and broken promises. Overall, the Six of Wands reversed indicates a period of setbacks, disloyalty, and unsuccessful campaigns.

Feeling Disgraced and Disadvantaged

The Six of Wands reversed suggests that you may be experiencing a sense of disgrace and disadvantage. You might feel as though you are constantly falling short of your goals and lacking the recognition you deserve. This card warns against allowing these feelings to consume you, as they can lead to a loss of confidence and a weakened sense of self.

Betrayal and Broken Promises

When the Six of Wands appears reversed, it often signifies disloyalty and broken promises. You may have put your trust in someone who has let you down, leaving you feeling disappointed and hurt. This card serves as a reminder to be cautious of who you place your trust in and to be aware of any signs of treachery or deceit.

Struggling with Weakness and Instability

The reversed Six of Wands suggests that you may be facing a period of weakness and instability. You might find it difficult to maintain your endurance and confidence, leading to a lack of progress and achievement. It is important to recognize your limitations and seek support when needed, as trying to push through on your own may only lead to further setbacks.

Pride and Arrogance Leading to Failure

This card warns against allowing pride and arrogance to cloud your judgment. The reversed Six of Wands suggests that your desire for recognition and fame may be driving your actions, causing you to overlook important details and make poor decisions. It is important to remain humble and grounded, as these traits are more likely to lead to success and fulfillment.

Overcoming the Mob Mentality

The Six of Wands reversed indicates a tendency to follow the crowd rather than thinking for yourself. You may find yourself being influenced by others' opinions and actions, even if they are not in alignment with your own values. This card encourages you to break free from the pack mentality and stand up for what you believe in, even if it means going against the majority.