The Empress


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The Empress, when reversed, suggests an imbalance in the nurturing aspects of our lives. It is an indicator of a lack of self-assuredness, creative stagnation, overpowering behaviors, disharmony, and neglect. The reversed Empress calls for a reconnection with our feminine energy, which is essential for both men and women, as we all carry a blend of masculine and feminine energies.

Unsettled Harmony

The Empress reversed signifies the need to harmonize your masculine and feminine energies. You may have been suppressing your feminine side, focusing excessively on the physical and intellectual realms, and neglecting the emotional and spiritual. This imbalance can lead to a sense of disharmony in various aspects of your life.


Under the influence of The Empress reversed, you may find yourself prioritizing the needs of others over your own, to your detriment. This could lead to feelings of negligence and insecurity. It is important to shift the focus back to yourself, prioritizing your own self-care and well-being.

Emotional Overwhelm

You may be feeling emotionally flooded, leading to a neglect of those who matter to you. This can indicate an overbearing tendency, where you are so overwhelmed by your own feelings that you forget to consider the feelings of others.

Shattered Confidence

The Empress reversed can also indicate a blow to your self-confidence, resulting in feelings of unattractiveness and undesirability. This lack of confidence may stem from an imbalance between your masculine and feminine energies. Grounding yourself can help restore this balance and rebuild your confidence.

Empty Nest Syndrome

For parents of grown-up children, The Empress reversed can signify the feeling of an empty nest syndrome. This could also be a sign of unresolved issues with your mother, depending on where it appears in the Tarot spread.