The High Priestess


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The High Priestess card, when appearing reversed in a tarot reading, is a call to reconnect with your inner wisdom. It signifies that although your intuition is trying to guide you and your instincts are accurate, you're not heeding them.

Suppressed Wisdom

You may be suppressing your inner wisdom, clouding your judgement and leading you down paths that don't align with your true desires. This is a sign to start listening to your own instincts again.

Obstructed Abilities

Your spiritual abilities may be obstructed, denying you the insights that could guide your decisions. It's time to clear these blocks and let your intuition flow freely once again.

Unwelcome Scrutiny

You might be dealing with unwelcome scrutiny, leading you to feel overwhelmed and anxious. Remember, it's crucial to focus on your own self-growth rather than the opinions of others.

Unrestrained Emotions

This card can also indicate unrestrained emotional outpourings and erotic tension, suggesting a need to get these feelings under control. Finding a healthy outlet for these emotions can bring peace and clarity.

Absence of Confidence

Lastly, an absence of self-confidence can be a significant issue when this card appears reversed. This is a sign to start believing in yourself and your abilities once more. Trust in your own wisdom, for it is the most reliable guide you possess.

Remember, this card is a call to action; it's time to reconnect with yourself and trust your inner wisdom. You have all the knowledge and wisdom you need within you.