The Sun


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The Sun reversed is a card that signifies feelings of sadness, pessimism, and a lack of enthusiasm. It suggests that you may be finding it difficult to focus on the positive aspects of your situation, causing you to feel down and negative. This card indicates a need to shift your perspective and open yourself up to the happiness and joy that surrounds you.

Feeling Disconnected

You may be feeling disconnected from the positive energy and optimism that usually fuels you. The Sun reversed suggests that you are struggling to find enthusiasm and passion in your current circumstances. This could be due to a lack of clarity or uncertainty about the right path to take. It is important to acknowledge these feelings and actively seek ways to reconnect with your inner joy.

Overwhelmed by Expectations

The Sun reversed can also indicate that you are burdened by unrealistic expectations. You may be putting excessive pressure on yourself to achieve certain goals or meet certain standards. This overwhelming sense of responsibility can lead to feelings of sadness and disappointment. Take a step back and reassess your expectations, allowing yourself to set more realistic and achievable goals.

Self-Doubt and Insecurity

When the Sun card appears reversed, it can suggest that you are struggling with self-doubt and insecurity. You may be overly critical of yourself, leading to a lack of confidence and a negative outlook. It is important to recognize your own worth and embrace your unique qualities. Practice self-compassion and remind yourself of your strengths and accomplishments.

Ego and Arrogance

In some cases, the Sun reversed may indicate that you are displaying excessive ego and arrogance. Your confidence may have crossed the line into conceitedness, causing others to perceive you as self-centered or overly confident. It is important to maintain a balance between self-assurance and humility. Take a moment to reflect on your actions and consider how they may be affecting your relationships with others.

Frustration with Unrealistic Goals

The Sun reversed can also suggest that you are becoming frustrated with pursuing unrealistic goals. Your enthusiasm and determination may have blinded you to the fact that these goals are not feasible or in alignment with your true desires. It is important to reassess your goals and make sure they are realistic and meaningful to you. Let go of any attachments to outcomes that are not serving your highest good.