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The Tower Tarot card reversed indicates that you have narrowly avoided a disaster or tragedy. This card suggests that you are resisting change and trying to avert any potential loss or pain. However, it is important to understand that avoiding change is not always beneficial in the long run. The Tower reversed urges you to learn from your experiences and face the inevitable, as it will ultimately lead to growth and a fresh start.

Resisting the Inevitable

In the context of feelings, the reversed Tower card suggests that you may be feeling resistant to change. You are apprehensive about the potential pain or heartache that may come with embracing a new situation. However, by avoiding change, you are only delaying the inevitable. It is important to recognize that facing the challenges head-on will lead to personal growth and a brighter future.

Avoiding Loss and Tragedy

When it comes to your emotions, the Tower reversed indicates that you are trying to avoid any form of loss or tragedy. You may be holding onto people or situations that no longer serve you, out of fear of being alone or facing the unknown. However, clinging to the past will only hinder your progress. It is time to let go and allow new opportunities and supportive individuals to enter your life.

Delaying the Inevitable Lesson

In the realm of feelings, the reversed Tower card suggests that you may be delaying an important lesson that life is trying to teach you. You may be resisting the changes and challenges that are necessary for your personal growth. However, by avoiding these lessons, you are preventing yourself from moving forward and finding a new beginning. Embrace the discomfort and face the lesson with courage and openness.

Fear of Confrontation

In the context of emotions, the Tower reversed indicates that you may be afraid of confronting a difficult situation or person. You may be avoiding necessary conversations or actions because you fear the potential conflict or negative outcomes. However, by avoiding confrontation, you are only prolonging the resolution and preventing yourself from finding closure. It is time to gather your courage and address the issue directly.

Holding onto the Past

When it comes to your feelings, the reversed Tower card suggests that you may be holding onto the past. You may be trying to rebuild what was destroyed or clinging to what once was. However, this card reminds you that the Tower event occurred for a reason, and it is essential to let go and focus on creating something new and better. Release the past and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.