The Chariot


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The Chariot card, when reversed, often signals a time of feeling directionless and powerless. It's a call to seize your own destiny, to take charge of your life and steer it in a direction of your own choosing.

Losing the Reins

When you draw the reversed Chariot, it's like you're in a vehicle moving at high speed, but you've let go of the steering wheel. This can symbolise a feeling of lack of control in your own life, a feeling of being carried along by events without any say in where you're going.

Power Struggles

This card can also represent a sense of powerlessness, either due to your own lack of confidence or due to the demands and expectations of others. This can lead to feelings of frustration and anger, as you feel trapped in a situation that is beyond your control.

The Need for Boundaries

The reversed Chariot card offers a reminder of the importance of establishing clear boundaries. Understand what resources and time you can offer to others, and make sure to assert these boundaries to avoid being drained or overwhelmed.

Regaining Control

Finally, this card is a call to action - a call to regain control of your destiny. This isn't about relying on external forces to guide your path, but about taking proactive steps to determine your own future.