The Lovers


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The reversed Lovers card represents a feeling of discord, challenges with trust, and a lack of balance in the situation. It signifies a state of contention, detachment, and avoidance of responsibility, leading to separation or division. When the card appears in the context of feelings, it is indicative of emotional disconnection and lack of emotional commitment.

Discorded Emotions

You might be feeling a lack of harmony in your emotional state. There is a sense of discord, creating an internal struggle. This is likely a result of past decisions that you are finding difficult to accept or handle.

Trust's Struggle

There are challenges with trust in your current situation. This could be trust in oneself or trust in others. This lack of trust might be causing you to feel insecure and uncertain about your feelings and the direction they are taking.

Unbalanced Scales

You may be experiencing a lack of balance or equilibrium. This imbalance could manifest as conflicting emotions, causing you to feel unsettled and ungrounded.

Emotional Detachment

There is a sense of emotional disconnection or detachment. You may be feeling emotionally distant or detached from the situation, which is causing you to feel isolated and alone.

Shifting Responsibility

You may be avoiding responsibility for your actions and their consequences. This avoidance is causing feelings of guilt and regret, making it difficult for you to move forward and achieve emotional peace.