The Lovers


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The Lovers card, when drawn in an upright position, typically signifies profound connections, deep affection, and critical choices. It is a symbol of harmonious relationships, strong emotional bonds, and shared values. When it shows up in the position of 'Feelings', it reflects how the person in question perceives their emotional landscape in relation to their current situation.

Harmonious Attraction

The drawn individual might be experiencing a deep emotional attraction towards someone, which is not just physical but also mental and spiritual. This intense connection could be making them feel like they've found their soulmate or kindred spirit. They might be feeling an intense romantic and sexual desire, which is amplified by a strong emotional bond and shared values.

Emotional Balance

The Lovers card also signifies a certain harmony and balance within oneself. The individual could be feeling at peace with their emotions and with their personal moral code. They are beginning to understand themselves better and are aligning their actions with their values. This internal alignment is bringing a sense of harmony and balance to their feelings.

Critical Choices

The appearance of The Lovers card could also mean that the person is faced with major emotional choices. These choices are not trivial; they could potentially change the course of their relationships or their life. The person might be feeling uncertain about these decisions and could be seeking guidance.

Uncertainty and Dilemma

The individual could be feeling uncertain about certain situations or people in their life. They might be encountering a dilemma that requires them to make a choice. This uncertainty could be causing them some emotional distress and they might be seeking clarity in this matter.

The Road Less Travelled

Finally, even though the individual might be faced with a difficult path, they might also be feeling a sense of anticipation and excitement. They understand that this potentially difficult path might lead them to greater things. They are prepared to take the road less travelled, even if it means facing some hardship along the way.